Learning how to rhyme is an important step toward reading. It teaches kids to notice patterns in words, break words into parts and incorporate rhythm when they read with expression later.

This rhyming pack includes eight of my favorite ways to teach kids how to rhyme. The activities are flexible enough to use with one student or 28 – making the games great whole class activities, guided reading lessons, literacy centers or homeschool activities.

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Playful Rhyming Games

What’s Inside?

Instead of worrying about letters and words, I wanted kids to be able to focus solely on rhyming so all of the activities are  word-free with easy to identify pictures.

The first activity is my favorite: clip cards. Kids say the word on top and then clip the rhyming pair.

It’s a great way to combine fine motor practice and literacy in one.

Playful Rhyming Games

Next, I included a class set of BINGO cards.

To play, the caller picks a calling card and names the picture. Then players cover the word that rhymes with it on their BINGO board.

Playful Rhyming Games

There’s a class set of I Have – Who Has.

To use with small groups, the cards can be arranged in a line on the ground leading from one card to the next. It’s a simple tweak that makes the activity flexible enough to use with small and large groups alike.

Playful Rhyming Games

The rhyming pack also includes a set of spin a rhyme sheets practice word families from all five vowels: A, E, I, O and U.

To play, kids simply spin a word and color a picture that matches.

Playful Rhyming Games

Then students pair up rhyming puzzles.




Playful Rhyming Games

There are 18 matches in all.

Give children who are ready all 18 pairs or simplify the activity by working on only a few at a time. It’s such an easy game to differentiate.

There’s an addictively fun board game too! Kids roll the die, read the picture and name a word that rhymes.

Playful Rhyming Games

… And there’s more!

Grab Your Pack

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  1. I would like to get the March vowel sound sort?! My students would love it!

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