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Ready to fill your teacher bag with everything you need to help EVERY student learn to read?


Left to fend for yourself?

And border-line panicking over the growing complexity of your young readers’ learning needs?

Without the right training or tools to actually help every student?

Well, take a big balloon breath and relax those shoulders.

You’re about to step into a 360° world of support for your reading instruction like you’ve never known before.


We’re on a reading instruction rescue mission.

As teachers, we all know the data doesn’t lie.

70 years of reading research tells us what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to teaching every child how to read.

But what’s holding most teachers today back from tapping into the power of the Science of Reading?

You’re about to step into a 360° world of support for your reading instruction like you’ve never known before.

Our Mission

You’re invaluable to your students’ success.

That’s why we’re here to equip you with the training & tools that make learning to read accessible and inevitable for every child.

Your confident reading instruction starts here

Let’s find your best-fit solution:


Need Science of Reading activities to cover your entire school year?

Get unlimited access to ALL the fail-proof resources you need to help every student learn to read.

(PLUS loads of bonus trainings & materials for other subject areas!)

You’ll have a complete set of science-backed literacy tools at your fingertips—and never waste another minute searching on Pinterest or TpT. Hallelujah!


Want to boost your students’ reading success by next week?

Join the on-demand training and discover the 5 essential components of the Science of Reading—and put them into action immediately.

Fill your literacy toolbox with all the cheat sheets, checklists, and print-n-play centers you need to boost your students’ reading growth FAST.


Ready for the complete All-In-One
Science of Reading system?

If you want:

  • High energy Master’s Level training (not a snoozefest!)
  • All the fail-proof science-backed tools you’ll ever need
  • 1-on-1 individualized support with on-call literacy coaches

…The Reading Roadmap is your “Easy Button” for stepping into 100% confidence in your ability to help EVERY student learn to read.

You’ll never need another reading training or resource. We’ve got you covered!

Ready for the easiest way to get started with the Science of Reading?


Discover the 5 essential components of the Science of Reading and how to implement them quickly and easily in your classroom.

PLUS… Incredible Time-Saving Bonuses:

  • Cheat Sheets
  • Decodable Passages
  • File Folder Sound Wall
  • Sound Maps
  • And So Much More!

Real Teacher Results

“I felt like I was letting kids slip through the cracks. Now my planning has shifted entirely and I’m much more intentional about what literacy skill I’m helping kids work on – especially during small group time.”
Julia B, Kindergarten Teacher
“Teaching reading was always something I was concerned about. Am I doing enough? Am I doing it right? How do I know where the kids are and what the next step is? The Reading Roadmap has given me confidence. That’s the best thing.”
Luanne L, TK Teacher
“As a Pre-K teacher, it’s so helpful to have materials, training and resources to build a strong foundation for young students to be successful readers as they grow. The resources are colorful, fun, engaging, and easy to use – with little to no prep!”
Leah B, Pre-K Teacher

A few places you may have seen us

Your Biggest Cheerleader

Hey there! I’m Malia—the red nail polish-wearing, Starbucks-loving, National Board Certified Teacher and founder of Playdough to Plato.

I know you don’t just want to be a good reading teacher. You want to be excellent. And you want to make a real difference in your students’ lives—not just talk the cliché teacher talk. 

I get it because that’s exactly the kind of teacher I’ve always been. That’s why I’m obsessed with equipping teachers like you with everything you need to confidently help every student learn to read.

If you’re ready to step into your master reading teacher shoes and watch your students’ eyes light up with excitement… grab your Flair pens, my friend.

You won’t believe how fun it’s going to be!

confident reading instruction starts here

The Reading Roadmap™

The Proven, All-In-One Science of Reading System for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, & Second Grade
Everything Teachers Need For Playful, Science-Backed Reading Instruction

(under one teacher-friendly roof)

High-Energy Master’s Level Trainings

Ready-to-Use Curriculum

Live Coaching & Individualized Support

Ready to finally help every student learn to read?


Will Our Science-Backed Training & Tools Actually Work For You?

You’re short on time.
We hear you.

That’s why all of our resources are ready to print-n-go with quick and easy directions.

And all of our trainings are short and immediately actionable.

This is a Zero Fluff Zone.

You’ve tried LOTS of other “solutions”.

Us too.

And none of them checked all the boxes for what we needed.

We’ve explored:

  • Intense academic books with too much theory and not enough actionable resources
  • Conferences & PD trainings that share great ideas, but only leave you with a handful of activities to try
  • TpT resources that feel like a hodge-podge of mismatched tools rather than a purposeful and sequential complete set
  • Online courses that either don’t provide enough training or enough tools—and leave you hanging without a place to ask questions or get help

We’ve Got Your Back

We created ALL the science of reading training + tools + support that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

Do you want…

ALL the science of reading literacy tools?

To boost your students’ reading growth FAST?

All-in-one training + tools + support?


Try our Phonological Awareness Daily Warm Ups

With just a couple minutes of practice each day, your students will begin accurately hearing & moving word sounds in a flash.