If you’re teaching kids how to rhyme, these free rhyme clip cards are a helpful addition to any literacy center or word work station.

They’re easy to prep and fun to play!  These fun cards are the perfect compliment to our Emergent Readers Bundle!

Getting Ready

To prep, I simply printed the rhyme clip cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and cut them apart.

I wanted the kids to be able to self-check their answers, so I flipped the cards over and drew a dot in the correct clipping spot so kids could easily see if the pins were in the right place later.

Note: If you’ll be using the cards in a classroom, you may want to laminate them for extra durability.

Teaching Rhyming

When I was ready, I placed the rhyme clip cards in the center of the table along with the small basket of clothespins.

I reminded children that “rhyme” means the words end in the same sound. I gave a few examples of rhymes before having the kids brainstorm ideas as a group: dog-log, hat-cat, bug-rug…

Rhyme Clip Cards

I grabbed the top card in the stack and pointed to the picture. “This is a snake,” I explained. “Which two words sound the same: snake-bike or snake-cake?” I really stressed the ending /ake/ sound to make it stand out.

Free Rhyme Clip Cards - Playdough To Plato

The class unanimously agreed that cake was the correct answer so a volunteer came up and clipped the clothespin underneath the picture.

Then, to take the learning further, I asked the class to think of another word that rhymes with the picture. They came up with all sorts of fun answers: rake, lake, make, take, mistake, bake…

We repeated the activity with a couple of other cards and then I placed the rhyme clip cards and clothespins at a table so students could work on it independently.

Grab Your Set

Ready to play?! Click the blue button below to download your free copy and then hop over and snag our Emergent Readers Bundle when your little one is ready to start reading!

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  1. Hi Malia; thanks for all the great freebies you provide! I’d love to see you “up the ante” a bit with a new set of rhyming cards that really challenged my students to use their auditory discrimination skills. For example, if you have the picture of “cut”, and students are to rhyme that with hut, if the second choice was a very similar word, such as “cup”, it would really require my students to listen to the words and choose carefully. I realize that not all words would easily have a second choice, but there are many that do and a sequel to the ones you already made would be so awesome. Thanks!

  2. these look so great. When I click on the blue download button, nothing happens. any suggestions?

    1. Hello Emily,
      I am so sorry you are having trouble downloading, please make that you have unblocked popups from our site.
      This can be done by going to the settings on your browser.
      Kimberleigh // Happiness Ambassador

      1. I am having the same issue. It is throwing a 404 error. I have used your things previously with no issue.

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