Back to School Bingo is guaranteed to make the first days of school even more fun. The free download is perfect for a family or small group at school. {You can grab a class set for larger groups HERE.} Just grab some cover up tokens, cut apart the calling cards, and you’re ready to play.

Getting Ready

I printed the Back to School Bingo pack on cardstock to give the boards and calling cards extra durability. {If you’re in a classroom, you could also laminate the boards to make them reusable year after year.}

I cut apart the calling cards and placed them in a pile face down on the table. Then I grabbed 16 tokens for each of my boys. Coins, glass stones, beans… even dry pasta noodles work well!

Super fun Back to School Bingo

Back to School Bingo

We’re big Bingo fans so my boys rushed over to play as fast as their legs would run. They each picked out a board and waited for me to call out the top card in the pile.

“Paperclip,” I read. They both found the paperclip on their board and covered it up with a token. One word after another, they found the match.

Free Back to School Bingo

When Big Brother {age 5.5} was the first to cover four squares in a row, he eagerly called out, “Bingo!” He read the words out loud as Little Brother {age 4} helped me check that the calling cards had in fact been called. Then the boys cleared their boards and begged to play again.

Download Back to School Bingo

Ready to play? Grab the small group Back to School Bingo {HERE}. You can pick up a class set of the Bingo pack for $1.99 in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Purchase Here

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