Alphabet Stamping Sheet

Activity for ages 3 to 5.

The title of this ABC game really says it all!

These easy prep alphabet stamping sheets are a fun and simple way to practice letter recognition or stretch kids to pair upper and lowercase combinations.

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Getting Ready

If you’re looking for something low prep, this’ll definitely do the trick!

To get ready, simply print off a record sheet for each child and grab your basket of alphabet stamps. (We use these Melissa and Doug ones from Amazon.)

The download comes in two different versions (upper and lowercase) so you can easily differentiate for a variety of learners!

Alphabet Stamping

When you’re ready, have kids pick up one stamp at a time and mark the matching letter on their sheet.

For instance, if a student grabbed a K, she’d find the K on her page and stamp it.

For very new readers, the activity will likely be tricky so it’s best to give them uppercase stamps if you’re using the uppercase record sheet and lowercase stamps if you print the lowercase version.

Stamping identical versions of the letters will help students focus on the characteristics of each one so they can build their recognition.

For more advanced readers, however, you can stretch the activity by having them pair the opposite version of each letter. For example, they could stamp an uppercase A on the lowercase a that’s on their record sheet.

Whatever option you pick, play will continue until all of the letters have been stamped. Then kids can start again if there’s time still remaining!

Other Ways to Play

These record sheets are simple but there are so many other fun ways to use them:

  • Stamp the letters in ABC order (A, B, C…)
  • Stamp the letters in reverse ABC order (Z, Y, X…)
  • Stamp all of the vowels first (A, E, I, O, U, Y) and then the consonants (everything else).
  • Stamp the letters in the child’s name, your name or even classmates’ names.

Have another idea? Share it in the comments at the bottom of this post!

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  1. Dana

    Thank you for the great activity. Although the link to the printable says ‘this page does not exist’, help =)

  2. Renee C.

    Oh wow! I love that alphabet stamp kit! Melissa and Doug come up with the greatest resources, don’t they? We have a musical instrument set from them from one the kids were little. It’s such good quality.

    • Malia

      I’m a big Melissa and Doug fan too, Renee. Their art easel is a big hit at our house.



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