Valentine’s Day Number Book

Ready for a fun, Valentine’s Day twist on numbers? This festive number book gives kids practice writing and counting the numbers one to ten.

Grab the freebie below and then snag our super fun Number Formation Pack!

Getting the Number Books Ready

Prepping this activity couldn’t have been much simpler. I printed the number book (below) on cardstock to make it extra sturdy for durability and then used my scissors to cut apart the pages.

I grabbed a photo album I picked up at the Dollar Store and slid the pages inside.

Easy peasy!

Conversation Heart Number Book

Middle Brother (age 3) eagerly grabbed our box of conversation hearts and sat down to play.

After taste testing a few to see what color he liked best, he opened the book to the first page. He picked up a conversation heart (he’s a lefty!) and placed it on GO.

Then he used the down arrow as a guide to trace the number from top to bottom several times.

Conversation Heart Number Book

When he was finished, he dragged the conversation heart down to the ten frame at the bottom of the page and counted, “One!”

Fun Conversation Heart Number Book for Kids

He continued writing and counting one number after the next.

I love this conversation heart number book for kids!

And soon he reached the last page: number ten!

Grab Your Set

Click the blue button below to grab your Valentine number book!

Then, grab our awesome Number Formation Pack to keep the fun going!

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  1. Amanda

    This is awesome. My daughters’ 3rd grade teacher used the heart candies as periods for a lesson and she was so excited to tell me about the lesson. Sometimes adding in a candy is a huge motivator!

  2. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for this! Do you have something like this for the alphabet? I have an idea but if you already have it done I do not want to encroach on your work!

  3. Kaylee

    Hi there! You should be able to snag that booklet! Can you try to download again, Kay?! ❤️



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