If you need a simple way to motivate your students to read at home, this reading BINGO sheet is a must-grab! Kids will have so much fun trying to cross off all of the challenges that they won’t even realize that they’re reading! (I love sneaky learning, don’t you?!)

Snag your copy below and then request an invite to my 4 week course, The Reading Roadmap, so you can get my ready-to-deploy system for building rock solid readers.

Reading Bingo

Prepping the bingo sheets is as easy as it comes…

I just printed the page on colorful paper to give it a fun pop and we were ready to go.

(The colored paper is completely optional, of course. White paper works too!)

How to Play

Reading Bingo is an independent competition.

To play, students cross off each challenge they complete…

They’ll make a fort and then read in it, read in a bathtub, read a book their friend loves, read wearing sunglasses, read under their bed, read a recipe and then make it…

There are TONS of playful and motivating ways to get kids reading!

Grab Your Copy

Click the blue download button below to snag your copy.

And if you want a step-by-step action plan for teaching reading, be sure to join the waitlist for The Reading Roadmap. It’s the spot where I share ALL of my lessons learned.

Inside the four week course, you’ll receive my time saving reading assessments, hundreds of digital and print-and-play centers, step-by-step lesson plans and so much more.

I’m so proud to give you access to the easy-to-use system that I know without a doubt will help you become a rockstar reading teacher.

Enrollment only opens up twice and year so be sure to join the waitlist so you’re the first to know when the next round kicks off!

Download Reading Bingo below and then join The Reading Roadmap waitlist RIGHT HERE.

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