Whether you’re prepping a farm unit or just need motivating ways to teach STEM, math, science, reading and writing skills, this farm MEGA pack is a must-try.

These activities are yours when you become a VIP Plato Pack member. Just join, print, and play!

Farm Activities


As always, the activities are designed for kindergarten and first graders so that you can easily stretch your strongest learners and break concepts down for kids who are struggling.

For instance, give students rhyming practice by having them solve rhyming puzzles…

Farm Activities

Or STRETCH the activity by having students sound out those CVC words on a record sheet!

Farm Activities

For students who need to work on letter sounds, pull out the 26 alphabet and 4 digraph puzzles…

Farm Activities

Or if sight words are more their mode, type the words you want students to practice into any of the three EDITABLE games and have them follow up with writing practice.

Farm Activities

Because the games are editable, you can practice any words under the sun: Dolch words, Fry lists, classmates’ names, themed fall words, alphabet letters… the possibilities are endless!

Kindergarten Activities


One of the things I love most about The Plato Pack is that it always gives you a HUGE variety of activities so you can save time hunting down ideas.

Since this month is all about the farm, even the 2D shape games have a farm theme!

Farm Activities

Work on STEM, engineering, design and problem skills with a batch of print and build LEGO challenges…

Farm Activities

Replicate farm-themed geoboard designs and then challenge students to create some of their own!

Farm Activities

Stretch students’ vocabulary by learning the names of baby animals.

Farm ActivitiesThere’s even a playful measurement activity that has kids comparing the lengths of baby carrots and common school supplies!

Farm Activities

The mega bundle includes math games, literacy centers, science experiments, STEM challenges…

EVERYTHING you need for a month of motivating farm lessons!

Farm Activities


With the right tools, you can differentiate, motivate and teach like a ninja – stretching activities for kids who are ready for a challenge and breaking down concepts for students who need extra practice.

With just a click of the “print” button, you’ll amp up the fun factor so kids are excited to walk through your classroom doors and learn.

And you’ll save time hunting down activities so you can finally take back your weekends.


I’m so proud to announce our newest member of the Playdough to Plato family: The Plato Pack.

Each month, a themed bundle will arrive in your email inbox. The printable set will include:

-> A motivating pack of STEM challenges

-> Easy to prep literacy centers

-> Ready to go math stations


-> Awesome bonus surprises like editable family newsletters, and

-> Access to a members’ only Facebook group of dedicated teachers just like you!


Excited to get your hands on these activities!?  Hop over to become a Plato Pack member and join THE most valuable membership for pre-K, kindergarten and first grade teachers!

Farm Activities

Not ready to become a member yet? Grab your Farm STEM Bundle and Farm Math & Literacy Activities in our store!

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  1. I wanted to purchase the lifetime membership, as I took your Reading Roadmap course this summer and loved it. My only concern is that I teach Grades 1 and 2 and am wondering if there would be enough activities to challenge my Grade 2s…

    1. Hi Stacy!
      Thanks for reaching out! I definitely understand your concern. The Plato Pack is primarily designed for Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers, so the question of whether it will actually challenge your second graders depends on where they are. If the majority of them are close to grade level or above, there likely won’t be a ton of material that will challenge them; however, there will be materials that will work well for review and/or introducing concepts. Since you’re teaching a combo class, even if you just use it for your first graders, it may still be a very good fit. It’s hard to give you an exact answer without knowing your students, but I hope this helps!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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