I love activities that work on multiple skills at once and these playful cookie clip cards do just that! Counting, number recognition, reading number words, fine motor skills… these cookie count and clip cards are packed with learning.

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Getting Ready

To get the clip cards ready, I printed them on cardstock and laminated them to keep them sturdy enough to hold up against the clothespins and kids.

I cut along the black lines to separate the cards and placed them in a basket with clothespins for a small group activity and math center.

Count and Clip Cards – Two Ways to Play

There are two ways to play: counting sets to 12 and clipping the matching numeral, or counting sets to 12 and clipping the matching number word.


Cookie Count and Clip Cards

I decided to have both options of cards available since I have some students who are working on number recognition and others who are working on reading number words.

In my first group, we played the number version, but the idea is the same for either one.

We took turns picking up a card and counting the cookies. First, we had “1, 2, 3, 4” cookies. This child was still counting with one-to-one correspondence and pointing to each cookie, but you may find others are ready to subitize (recognizing the quantity instantly without counting).

Once we knew four cookies were on the card, we grabbed a clothespin, squeezed it open, (great for strengthening little fingers) and placed it on the number 4.

We kept counting and clipping until all of the cards were complete!


Grab Your Download

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  1. I was so excited to find your site! The levels of the students I work with vary from toddler to 5th grade. These printables are such a life saver. Thank you!!

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