Math My Name!

Activity for ages 3 to 6.

I love using a skill that kids have already mastered to help teach them a completely new skill. These Math My Name sheets do exactly that! Using my son’s name, he practiced handwriting, number recognition, addition and subtraction, ten frames, tally marks and even drawing!

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Math My Name

Getting Ready

Prepping the activity was quick and easy. I simply printed a copy of the math my number page (below) and grabbed a pencil and a basket of crayons.

Note: If you’ll be using the activity in a classroom, you’ll need to print one set for each child.

Math My Name

My son was eager to get started so he printed his name in the top box – making sure to write one letter in each square. Then he followed the directions to finish the rest of the page.

Awesome math activity for kids. Write the name and then tally, ten frame, count and write the number of letters.

When it was complete, he’d worked on:

  • Handwriting
  • Appropriate letter sizing
  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • Number writing
  • Addition (1 More)
  • Subtraction (1 Less)
  • Marking ten frames
  • Tally marks (This is a new one for Greyson!)
  • Coloring and drawing

See?! I told you there was a lot packed into this fun little page!

Taking It One Step Further

My son really enjoyed completing the first page so I thought it would be fun to print off several more copies and assemble them into a workbook using my favorite tool of all time – my Fellows Binding Machine.

I have it all set and ready for our upcoming holiday festivities! To help keep him occupied and focus his excitement before we exchange gifts, he can walk around asking family members how to spell their names, and complete a page for each one of them.

Then, using the analysis page included in the printable, he can write each person’s name in the lefthand column and graph the number of letters it contains. He’ll be able to easily see who has the longest and shortest names in the bunch. (It’s perfect for classrooms too!)

Math my name analysis page

Two Versions

Bonus! Because I cannot leave well enough alone, I decided to make a second option for everyone. If you’d like to include this activity with your little ones this holiday season, I swapped out the apple tree (great anytime of the year) with a Christmas tree!

Grab Your Set

We LOVE seeing photos of our activities in action! Print the pack (below) and then share your photo on Instagram by tagging @Playdough2Plato and @LindsayMButler.

Download the apple tree version HERE or grab the Christmas tree set HERE.

Number Formation Pack

Snag our popular Number Formation Pack for even more math fun!

What an awesome way to teach kids number formation!!

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