Pumpkin ABC Tracing

Activity for ages 3 to 5.

Pumpkin letter tracing is a fun fall ABC game and fine motor activity in one. As kids trace alphabet letters with candy pumpkins, they build hand-eye coordination, hand strength and letter formation skills they’ll use for writing words later. Pumpkin fans will love this festive ABC game!

Pumpkin Letter Tracing. Super fun ABC game and fine motor activity for kids.ABC Game Prep


Before inviting my son to join me, I printed a few of the letter tracing cards from my Alphabet Mega Pack. {If you don’t have the pack, you can write the letters on blank sheets of paper.} This time around, I wanted my son to practice the first few letters in the alphabet but I could have easily printed the letters in his name, letters he was struggling to remember or a letter of the week. The possibilities are endless.


I grabbed a pair of kids’ tweezers and the bag of pumpkin candies I picked up from the store and called him over to play.


Playing the ABC Game


Teaching kids how to write letters correctly prevents them from having to unlearn bad habits later so I was sure to remind my son to place the first pumpkin on the green “go” dot at the top. He carefully grabbed one of the pumpkins with the tweezers and laid it on the green dot. I was surprised how much concentration and fine motor strength it took.


He grabbed the next pumpkin and placed it next to the first.

Pumpkin Letter Tracing. Super fun ABC game and fine motor activity for kids.


In just a few minutes, he’d traced both the upper and lowercase A and was ready to move on to the next letter in the pile… AFTER snacking on a pumpkin candy, of course.


More ABC Games


For more ABC fun, download our 20 printable alphabet games available for just $9.99. Take a peek at the letter naming, sequencing and writing activities you’ll find inside here.



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  1. Mary Catherine

    I’ve already pinned this, but had to stop by and say I LOVE IT! We’ll be doing this activity in my preschool class next month. Thanks 🙂


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