Apples are a popular theme in fall. Bring a seasonal twist to your learning with these fun, apple-themed ten frame count and clip cards! They are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students who are learning to count and recognize sets to 12.

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Getting Ready

One of the great things about clip cards is that they are small but mighty – they don’t take up much space or ink, yet the learning they provide can be great.

These cards print 6 to a page, and since the set is for counting apples 1-12, you only need to print and laminate 2 sheets of paper.

After I had the cards laminated, I cut them apart on the solid black lines and grabbed some clothespins.

To store them, I put them in a Ziploc. That way I could easily pull them out for math centers or small group work later and place in a small basket for the kids.

Apple Ten Frame Clip Cards

With an activity of this size, I typically play with a student individually or in a group of two if they need assistance.

We used regular-sized clothespins this time, but smaller clothespins would work as well.

You could even have kids place counting bears or erasers over the answer if their fingers are still building up the strength for squeezing clothespins, or if you don’t have any on hand.

We took the cards out of the basket and placed them face down in a pile. We then took turns pulling a card and turning it over to count how many apples were in each ten frame.

Some students were quickly subitizing (recognizing how many in the ten frame instantly without having to count) while others needed to count the apples one at a time, and that’s ok!

Once we got to the total, we looked for the numeral together and squeezed that clothespin hard with our hands to clip the answer tight!

We kept pulling cards, counting apples and clipping numbers until all of the apples had been counted.

Grab Your Download

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