Learning numbers is fun and tasty with this activity. This simple number trail mix is a fun way to get kids involved in packing their own snacks AND sneak in a little math practice too.

It’s the perfect complement to our Number Formation Pack!

Number Trail Mix. Awesome number recognition activity for kids.

Getting Ready

Gathering supplies for this project was pretty quick and simple. First, I wrote a different number in six cupcake liners and placed each one in a cupcake tin.

Number Trail Mix

Next, I pulled out some of my kids’ favorite snacks: dried fruit, popcorn, pretzels and Cheerios.

The “Cooking”

After the quick and simple prep, I invited C to wash his hands and join me. I explained that we were going to mix together some of his favorite foods and make a trail mix. But there was a catch – he could only fill each cup in the tin with the number of snacks written on the liner.

C was eager to start so he quickly picked out his first food: pretzels. He pointed to the liner with an 11 and repeated the number after me. Then he opened the pretzel bag and began placing eleven pretzels on top of the number.

Number trail mix!

C continued reading the liners and counting out a matching number of snacks for each one.

Number Trail Mix. Awesome number recognition activity for kids.

Five fun-filled minutes later, he was ready to dump his goodies together and make his own yummy snack: Number Trail Mix! So simple and delicious.

More Math Fun

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  1. I love this, Malia! I’m featuring it tomorrow on my blog at the After School Linky Party. Stop by to check it out and keep sharing your ideas/activities. I love to see what you’re up!

  2. Such a simple idea and i bet it works with any kind of math! I will be sure to try this at home. Thanks for sharing this on the hop.
    -Reshama @Stackingbooks.com

  3. Such a simple, fun, and appetizing idea! It is perfect for Trail Mix Day on August 31! Thank you for sharing this JOYful idea.

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