If your kids are working on subtraction within 20, this interactive notebook will help keep them engaged! It includes equations, word problems, picture problems and true/false questions to encourage different ways of thinking about numbers and problem solving.

First grade is the focus level for this printable, but kinders can also complete it with support. Grab the printable below and then hop over to become a VIP Plato Pack member so you can get all of the tools, strategies and support you need to reach ALL of your learners.

Getting Ready

Print off the interactive subtraction within 20 printable using plain white or colored copy paper.

The interactive page can be created (as in the picture above), or children can be given one activity at a time to complete before putting it all together.

It’s important not to overwhelm a child with too many tasks, so it’s perfectly fine to complete this activity over a period of a few days.

An interactive notebook activity for subtraction within 20.

Interactive Subtraction Within 20

Completing the activity is basically just a matter of cutting, folding and gluing the pieces into position. (These assembly directions are also included in the printable.)

Subtraction Within 20

Cut out a rectangle around the far right concertina strip to separate it from the page. Cut across the top line and bottom line. Fold carefully on all horizontal lines and crease them well. Fold it into a concertina so only one shape shows at the top, then cut the side edges. Complete the equations. Add glue to the back of the top equation and attach it to the interactive sheet where it says ‘subtraction within 20.’

Subtraction Within 10

Complete the next concertina strip as above! Attach the strip where it says “subtraction within 10.”

True or False

Cut out around all outside edges, then fold on the dotted lines. Add glue to the center shape and attach to the interactive sheet where it says “true or false.” Fold the “petals” closed. Look at each equation and decide whether it’s true or false. Circle T for true and F for false. Open the petals and rewrite the false equations correctly in the center shape.

Download this free interactive notebook activity for subtraction within 20.

Subtracting 2 Numbers

Cut out around the rectangle with the 2 pencils on it. Flip it over and add glue to the 3 edges that are indicated by the dotted lines. Attach it to the interactive sheet where it says ‘”subtracting 2 numbers” to form a pocket. Cut out the 6 pencils. Complete the equations and store them in the pocket.

Picture Subtraction

Cut out the larger solid lines of page 5 to create 4 different-sized rectangles. Glue the largest rectangle to the interactive sheet where it says “picture subtraction.”  Fold the other 3 rectangles on the dotted lines, add glue on the back just at the top and attach them on top of the page you’ve already glued with the smallest size on top. Complete the equations.

Word Problems

Complete them the same way you’ve done the picture subtraction activity.

A FREE interactive notebook activity for subtraction within 20.

Get Your Free Printable

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