Spin a Word Family

For most kids, those tricky middle vowels take lots of practice to finally stick. (If you’ve ever read with a child who reads the word DOG as DIG or DUG or DEG, you know what I mean.)

But thankfully, this batch of print-and-play word family games are a quick prep, motivating way to focus on individual vowels.

Simply snag your set below and then hop over and grab the mega pack of word family centers in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Spin a Word Family

When it comes to prep time, it doesn’t get much quicker than this!

I simply printed the sheets I wanted to play and grabbed a paperclip, pencil and crayons.

Then I invited my son over to play a couple rounds.

He placed the paperclip in the center of the spinner and flicked it around the tip of his pencil to make it spin.

The paperclip landed on a hat the first time around so my son said the word out loud and then colored a matching “hat” on one of the glue bottles.

The simple game was an awesome way to practice reading -AT words so when he finished the first sheet, I grabbed the next one in the batch so he could focus on the -IG family too!

Snag Your Sheets

Click the blue download button below to grab your set and then hop over to pick up the mega pack of word family centers in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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  1. Sarah

    Love the idea! Thanks for the inspiration.


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