There is so much more to reading than just sounding out words. Kids need to be able to THINK about what they’re reading too! These fun reading comprehension activities help students learn how to understand what a story or reading passage is all about. They’re great for kids in kindergarten on up.

Then, grab our pack of Reading Comprehension Activities in our shop that are sure to enhance the reading experience!

Reading Comprehension Activities

Reading Comprehension Activities

First up?! Stretch kids’ thinking with some comprehension questions, print a helpful list of mini lesson ideas and more…

Reading Comprehension Activities

Go beyond basic story understanding with these reading comprehension questions.

Know what to work on with this free printable reading comprehension cheat sheet!

Kids can learn how to retell stories quickly and efficiently with these printable story trains. // Schooling a Monkey

This idea for reading comprehension gives kids a direction for their doodles. // No Time for Flash Cards

Reading Comprehension Activities

If kids love building with bricks, they will love this creative way to teach reading comprehension with LEGOs! // The Educator’s Spin on It

Walk through the basics of inferring story details with this fun activity. // The Measured Mom

Learn how to identify the most important details of a story with this activity. // This Reading Mama

Young readers will love these colorful reading comprehension worksheets. // Itsy Bitsy Fun

Reading Comprehension Activities

Kids will love this simple reading comprehension activity about summarizing the details of a story. // This Reading Mama

This simple reading comprehension worksheet helps children make important story connections. // The Measured Mom

Learn all about retelling a story with printable story mats! //

Identify the important parts of a story with a rainbow storytelling bracelet. // Growing Book by Book

Reading Comprehension Activities

Focus reading comprehension with these reading discussion questions. // This Reading Mama

Drawing the story is sometimes the best way to teach reading comprehension to little ones! // You Clever Monkey

Bloom Balls make teaching reading comprehension fun and exciting. // Coffee Cups and Crayons

This handy guide teaches kids how to identify important parts of a non-fiction story. // This Reading Mama

Grab Your Activities

Never struggle with reading lesson ideas again! Download our Reading Comprehension Activities that your kids will love!

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