There are few things better than settling in with your students to read a good book.  The miraculous way it calms kids down after recess…Their smiles and laughter…The “one more, pleeeeease.”  It’s pure magic.

And while kids are locked into a good story, it’s a great opportunity to build their reading comprehension so they learn to think deeply about what’s actually happening.

Snag your free reading comprehension questions below and then request an invite to my 4 week course, The Reading Roadmap, so you can get my ready-to-deploy system for building rock solid readers.

20 Reading Comprehension Questions

If you’re like me, you might find yourself drawing a blank when you try to think of great reading comprehension questions every now and then.

(Maybe it’s the pressure to come up with something thought provoking?!)

Whatever the reason, I’m excited to pass along something that I hope will help: a free printable of my 20 favorite questions to ask during read alouds.

Just print the list and keep it in your favorite reading spot. Then pick two or three different questions to ask each time you read together. Easy peasy.

You can even print the sheets on colored paper to add a fun pop and make it easy to find!

Grab Your Copy

Click the big blue “download” button to snag your copy of our favorite reading comprehension questions and then request your invite to The Reading Roadmap – it’s the spot where I share ALL of my lessons learned. Join The Reading Roadmap waitlist RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Reading comprehension is so important in a reader

    1. YES! So important!
      Hope these questions are helpful 🙂
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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