I love turning tired sight word practice into addictive fun for kids, and this simple penguin sight word game does just that. Just type your words onto the board and hit “print.”  You instantly have a ready to play literacy center, word work activity or home school game.

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Getting Ready

To prep, I simply typed in the sight word list onto the board by clicking each box. Then, I printed it onto cardstock to give it extra durability.

I grabbed a die and a couple of buttons to use as playing pieces. Viola! We were ready to play our sight word game!

Penguin Race Sight Word Game

The rules for the penguin sight word game were just as simple as the prep.

Middle Brother rolled the die and moved his playing piece that many spaces. Since his first roll was a two, he moved just two spots.

Then he read and spelled the word out loud.

(Although Middle Brother wasn’t ready for the extra challenge, kids could also write the word down on their record sheet.)

He rolled again, moved his piece, read the word out loud and then spelled it.

One roll after the next, he raced his way to the finish line.  He was making his way through the sight word game quite nicely!

Each time he landed on a fish, he lost a turn – penguins are slow fishermen, after all! 😉

Grab Your Copy

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  1. The free penguin sight word game will not let me download. I love your stuff! Thanks for getting all of this together.

    1. same here! I click on the download here but it doesn’t open it for me

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