If you’re practicing adding -ED, -ES, -ING and -S to words, these inflectional ending centers are a must-grab. All 12 print-and-play options are perfect for small groups, literacy centers OR whole class lessons.

Snag your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers! For more fun, check out our Vowel Team Centers in our shop, too!

What Are Inflectional Endings?

An inflectional ending is a cluster of letters that is added to the end of a word to change either the tense (if that base word is a verb) or the number (if the word is a noun).

For example, when the inflectional ending -ED is added to the base word WALK, it changes it to the past tense WALKED.

And when the inflectional ending -S is added to the root word DOG, it becomes the plural DOGS.

12 Inflectional Ending Centers

Tackling inflectional endings takes most kids a good chunk of practice so it’s important to make all of that work fun. These 12 engaging centers do just that!

Inside the mega pack, you’ll find a set of mini-books focusing on four common inflectional endings: -ED, -ES, -ING, and -S.

They’re a quick and simple way to introduce each word family to students!

The instant download also includes 4 colorful games including a hide and seek pocket chart activity, board games and this fun flip and write center…

And then there are the black and white inflectional ending centers!

Students will race around board games, challenge each other to 4 in a row battles and play dice games like this one…

They’ll even play a couple rounds of cover up so they can practice adding inflectional endings to present and past tense verbs!

The key word here is PLAY. All of the activities are fun for kids so that they are motivated to practice (and therefore LEARN) those inflectional endings.

Snag Your Set

This pack gives you so many motivating inflectional ending centers in one spot!

Grab all 12 activities in one quick download! Get your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers! While you’re there, don’t forget to snag our Vowel Team Centers as well!

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