If you’re teaching contractions like CAN’T, SHE’LL and I’VE, this bundle is a must grab. The playful contraction centers make it fun to practice and they’re flexible enough to use for one-on-one instruction, small groups, literacy centers and even whole group lessons.

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Teaching Contractions

When I’m teaching kids how to make contractions, I explain that when we push two words together, some of the letters pop out and go on vacation. We need to hold their spot by adding an apostrophe.

For instance, HE IS becomes HE’S. And THEY ARE turns into THEY’RE.

For most students, actually learning HOW to make contractions takes practice. And that’s where these contraction centers come in handy!

6 Contraction Centers

The contraction flap books are a great spot to start things off because they give students practice forming five different types of contractions: HAD, HAVE, IS, NOT and WILL.

Focusing on one type at a time, students lift each flap and write the corresponding contraction underneath it.

HE IS becomes HE’S.

SHE IS turns into SHE’S…

You can even print the flap books on colored paper to give them a fun pop!

Next, children can match 24 different contraction puzzles.

Then they can play the surprisingly simple *but addictively fun* contraction center called Flip & Write.

They’ll even have the chance to race around a board game…

Solve a batch of clip cards…

And play a round of Contraction Hide and Seek!

Who knew that there were so many motivating ways to practice contractions?!

Snag Your Set

Grab your bundle of playful contraction centers in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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