This bundle is a Pre-K game changer! The 63 alphabet, math and fine motor activities save you so. much. time planning and prepping centers, morning work or homeschool activities.

The set bundles three activity packs into one easy download:

–>25 Pre-K Math Centers

–>18 Fine Motor Centers

–>20 Alphabet Activities

Grab your bundle in our store or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

The 63 motivating, easy prep alphabet, math and fine motor activities teach everything from letter sounds to counting, fine motor skills, shapes, rhyming, letter formation…

EVERYTHING a new kindergartener needs to know to start the year with confidence.

How it Works

There are two easy ways to use this pack:

  1. Pick one alphabet, math and fine motor activity to finish each week.
  2. If you’re teaching a specific skill (writing the ABCs, for example), open up the relevant activity pack and find that skill listed in the table of contents. Print out one of the activities and enjoy some fun-filled learning.

20 Motivating Alphabet Games

Need to step up your alphabet game?!

These 20 playful activities teach children letter names, letter sounds, ABC sequencing and letter formation.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Practice writing letters with Matchbox cars.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Search for hidden ABCs as kids color by letter.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Clip letter sounds on alphabet wheels.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Solve alphabet puzzles…

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

And that’s just the beginning.

Kids love the hands-on alphabet activities.

18 Playful Fine Motor Activities

The Fine Motor Super Pack includes 18 creative and fun fine motor activities that strengthen hand-eye coordination and hand muscles kids use for writing letters later.

18 motivating fine motor activities for preschool and kindergarten!

Glue googly eyes on monsters.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Color rainbow lines.63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Trace shapes with a squeeze bottle filled with salt.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

25 Fun Math Games

And finally, use the Pre-K Math Pack to teach shapes, patterns, number recognition and writing, counting to 20, graphing, measuring, beginning addition and subtraction.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Clip two different sets of counting cards.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Work on shapes and numbers with a playful batch of roll and cover sheets.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

Pull out counting bears for pattern work.

63 Game-Changing Pre-K Centers

And so much more.

There are 25 motivating math centers in all.

Grab Your Pack

Download your bundle of 63 fun to play, easy to teach Pre-K centers in our store or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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  1. Love your resources for using to train Child Development students who will become preschool teachers!
    Go Stanford!

    1. I’m excited Playdough to Plato’s resources are helpful for future preschool teachers, Carmela, and I love that you’re a Stanford fan too! 😉 Hope you’re having a great start to your week.

  2. hello! I’m interested in purchasing the preschool bundle but first wanted to know if any holiday-themed activities are included. We do not celebrate birthdays, Halloween, etc.

    1. Hi Angelica! No, the Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack does not include any holiday-themed activities. Let me know if any other questions pop up along the way. 🙂

  3. Iam having a terrible time. I want to purchase you preschool bundle and now I am being charged for two and I can’t figure out how to get back to my cart. I am a volunteer teacher in my late 60’s and the computer is not my friend. Can you help me. Pam

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