Vowel Team Centers


Practicing vowel teams? This mega pack includes 14 centers and 9 posters focusing on nine of the most common vowel teams: -AI, -AY, -EA, -EE, -IE, -OA, -OE, -UE, and -UI.

Play a vowel team board game, solve a batch of clip cards, roll and graph vowel team words… There are so many fun options in one easy download!



–> 9 “When 2 Vowels Go Walking” Posters

–> Vowel Team Bingo (Class Set)

–> Say It, Spell It

–> Dab the Real Word

–> Word Sort

–> Clip Cards

–> Color by Word Family

–> Real or Nonsense

–> Bowling Bash Board Game

–> Firehouse Dash Board Game

–> Police Zip Board Game

–> Hide and Seek Pocket Chart Game

–> Roll and Graph

–> Popcorn Sort

–> Vowel Team Puzzles


“My class of kindergarten students loved helping me make anchor charts with this product. It was a good way to reinforce what we had learned about vowel teams in class.” – Nelida H.

“Great for struggling second graders as a reminder of these vowel sounds! Very useful!” – Tracy H.

“My students really took to these posters. I find them using them in the room while reading and writing.” – Jessica K.

“Perfect for small group intervention groups.” – Raven S.