Vowel Team Super Pack


Our vowel team activity bundle is packed with motivating games and eye-catching posters teaching kids nine of the most common vowel teams:-ie, -ee, ue, -ae, -oa, oe, -ui, -ay, -ai.

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If you’re helping kids learn what happens when two vowels are written side-by-side, explain that when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and the second one goes out for tea.

I’ve included a set of memorable posters to help the concept really stick. There’s one for each of the nine vowel teams included in the set: -ie, -ee, ue, -ae, -oa, oe, -ui, -ay, -ai.

“Great for struggling second graders as a reminder of these vowel sounds! Very useful!” – Tracy H.

Also included are eight motivating follow up games and activities giving kids extra practice using the trick:

Real or Nonsense Read and Sort
BINGO {Class Set}
Say It and Spell It
Dab the Real Word
30 Clip Cards
Cut and Sort Sheets
Roll and Write Dice Game
Color by Family

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