Beginning Blend Centers


These 10 beginning blend centers are perfect for kindergarten or first grade literacy centers, word work stations, or homeschool activities.
Focus on one type of blend with newer readers (for instance, L blends) or review several different blends at the same time for kiddos who are ready for a challenge.
The playful activity pack practices 19 of the most common blends:
BL-, BR-,CL-, CR-, DR-, FL-, FR-, GL-, GR-, PL-, PR-, SC-, SK-, SL-, SM-, SN-, SP-, ST-, SW- and TR-.

–> 19 Foldable Blend Books (one for each blend)
–> 20 Match Up Puzzles
–> 54 Write and Wipe Cards
–> 3 Roll and Write Games
–> Flip and Write
–> 20 Clip Cards
–> Spin and Color No-Prep Sheets
–> Color by Blend No-Prep Sheets
–> What’s Right? No-Prep Sheets


“I frequently purchase game-type activity boards for use in my ESL classes. When I couple them with dice, the kids love to play! I love to hear them speak the words on the spaces, especially when they get them right! Great activities to help with pronunciation!” – Shannon F.

“Thank you!!! You have saved me a TON of time! These are perfect for Word Work!” – Angie W.

“These are an excellent addition to my literacy centers.” – Melanie H.

“Easy prep. Once explained the children were able to use on their own over and over again.” – Sarah H.

“This has lots of great fun pages for kids to practice initial blends. Great for centres and independent practice. The clip cards are especially cute. Thanks!” – Meaghan S.

“I love how much you could differentiate the activities to meet all my students needs!” – McCall Schwarz