Short Vowel Word Family Centers


These 18 literacy centers make it fun for kids to practice reading and writing 40 of the most common short vowel word families:

-AB, -AD, -AG, -AM, -AN, -AP, -AT, -AX, -EB, -ED, -EG, -EM, -EN, -ET, -IB, -ID, -IG, -IM, -IN, -ING, -IP, -IT, -IX, -OB, -OD, -OG, -OM, -OP, -OT, -OX, -UB, -UD, -UG, -UM, -UN, -UP, -US, -UT, -UX and -UT.



–> 5 Word Family Posters

–> Word Family Puzzles

–> No Prep Color by Word Family Sheets

–> Word Family Mats

–> CVC Clip Strips

–> Say and Spell Task Cards

–> 5 Pocket Chart Games

–> 2 Word Family Sorts

–> 9 Word Family Board Games

That’s 18 motivating short vowel word family centers in all!