Short Vowel Word Family Centers


These 18 literacy centers make it fun for kids to practice reading and writing 40 of the most common short vowel word families:

-AB, -AD, -AG, -AM, -AN, -AP, -AT, -AX, -EB, -ED, -EG, -EM, -EN, -ET, -IB, -ID, -IG, -IM, -IN, -ING, -IP, -IT, -IX, -OB, -OD, -OG, -OM, -OP, -OT, -OX, -UB, -UD, -UG, -UM, -UN, -UP, -US, -UT, -UX and -UT.



–> 5 Word Family Posters

–> Word Family Puzzles

–> No Prep Color by Word Family Sheets

–> Word Family Mats

–> CVC Clip Strips

–> Say and Spell Task Cards

–> 5 Pocket Chart Games

–> 2 Word Family Sorts

–> 9 Word Family Board Games


That’s 18 motivating short vowel word family centers in all!



Short A Centers

Short E Centers

Short I Centers

Short O Centers

Short U Centers

Short Vowel Emergent Reader Books


“I have been hunting for great resources to use to support short vowel sounds and this resource has some fun games that also practice sounds and handwriting. During distance learning, we want to keep the children engaged and these resources do just that! Thank you!” – Ellen Brown

“It was a great way to add variation to my working with words center.” – Christina L.

“So many different fun activities! This is a great resource to use with my students for some extra practice. Thanks! ” – Nicole M.

“So nice to have a variety of centres for word families. I find it’s an ongoing unit so it’s nice to have many activities to go with it to mix it up.” – Erika E.

“I can always count on Playdough to Plato for engaging resources! My students love using these activities to practice word family knowledge.” – Megan S.


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