Word Family Activity Pack


Teaching kids how to read and write word families increases their reading fluency by showing them spelling patterns in words. These hands-on, motivating games and no prep activities make memorizing the most common word families uber fun for kids.

The activity pack is perfect to use as literacy centers, word work stations, homeschool activities… so many things!

Check out all the fun details below.

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The 165 pages teach kids 22 of the most common word families:

-AD, -AG, -AN, -AP, -AT, -AX, -ED, -EE, -EN, -ET, -IG, -IN, -ING, -IP, -IT, -OG, -OP, -OT, -UB, -UG, -UN and -UT.

The pack includes motivating games kids love plus a batch of no prep activity pages for those in-a-hurry kind of days.

Games and Activities

Word Family Puzzles

Word Family Mats

Space Walk

Word Farm

Dinosaur Stomp

Snow Day

Camping Trip

Robot Race

Little Pig

Frog Pond


-AT Bingo

-ET Bingo

-IP Bingo

-OT Bingo

-UG Bingo

Word Family Clip Cards

No Prep Pages

Roll and Write

See and Spell Sheets

Color by Family

Word Family Flowers

Word Family Sorts

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