Short Vowel Emergent Readers


Helping kids notice differences between short vowel sounds can be tricky but, thankfully, these 10 short vowel emergent readers are here to help!

They’re perfect for new readers in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

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–> 10 emergent reader books in color practicing all five vowels PLUS the common sight words “this, is, look, there, a, do, you, see, the, like, my, and, I, can, we, need, is, with, she, could, went, to.”

–> A second set of the same 10 books in black and white in case you’d like to save ink.

–> Matching reading pointers students can use to point underneath each word as they read. The pointers are a playful way to build kids’ one to one correspondence and help them remember to read left to right across the page.

–> Pocket chart cards you can use to practice the text as a whole class or during your read around the room center.

–> Follow up practice pages to use as guided reading activities, morning work, a literacy center or homework.


The emergent reader pack includes 10 short vowel book sets:

–> This is Pat (-AT words)

–> When I Ran (-AN words)

–> Do You See It? (-ET words)

–> My Friend Ben (-EN words)

–> My Smart Pig (-IG, -IP and -IN words)

–> Shopping Trip (-IG and -IN words)

–> The Friendly Fox (-OG, -OP, -OB and -OX words)

–> Your Bored Friend (-OB, -OP and -OG words)

–> Big Kids (-UT, -UN, -UG, -UM, -UB words)

–> The Busy Bug (-UG and -UB words)


“This was a perfect resource to have for small groups!” – Jennifer L.

“It has been hard to find CVC books for my students to practice their reading skills. These are fun and engaging.” – KinderPro

“Great resource for my emergent guided reading group!” – Maria Reyes



Emergent Reader Bundle

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