The first words many children learn to read and write are their names. These 10 playful name games make learning them fun for kids and easy prep for grown ups.

Because all of the pages are editable, the activities work with any name under the sun. Type it once and the name automatically loads into every page. It’s a huge time saver!

The editable name games include ten motivating activities.  Check out all of the fun details below.



–> Dot the letters in your name sheets

–> Name puzzles

–> Colorful letter art collages and class book

–> In my name/not in my name sorting mat

–> Magnetic letter spelling mat

–> Play dough spelling mat

–> Name writing practice sheets

–> Name book

–> Glue tracing page

–> Symmetrical name craftivity


NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.


“I loved that there were so many different ways for the kids to practice their names. It kept them from getting bored and offered them different options every day during our week. It also made it easy to differentiate the activities for each kiddo so they could work on the areas they most needed to, in a way that was appropriate for each of them.” – Susan Wood

“This is a great resource to practice name recognition! My student found each activity engaging and enjoyed the variety, yet was willing to repeat activities over again. It was easy to make and print the worksheets.” – Mary T.

“I love how easy to edit this resource is. I used these templates frequently to teach my preschoolers the letters of their names and how to write/trace/copy their names. I definitely got my money’s worth from this material.” – Cameron R.

“Thank you for this great resource! My students enjoyed using a variety of ways to learn to write their names. Very creative!” – Judith B.

“Excellent product for the beginning of Kinder! Thank you! I will use and use again!” – Carrie Jones