Letter Sound Wheels


These letter sound wheels are absolute alphabet perfection! The playful clip cards are a motivating way to work on beginning sounds.

Clip the words that start with each letter.

But don’t be fooled! Four of the choices aren’t a match.

There’s one wheel for all 26 letters.

—> Bundle with all of our other alphabet activities and SAVE!


“Students love using pegs on these letter wheels. Not only has it assisted with their literacy understandings, but also encouraged their fine motor development.” – Claudia D.

“This was great for a literacy station. The kids could easily identify what the pictures were, and needed little support.” – Jennifer C.

“My students enjoyed engaging with this resource. It allowed me to support my Foundation students who have very little alphabet knowledge to focus on one or two sounds at a time as to not overwhelm them.” – Sarah N.

“One of my students’ favorite centers!” – Stephanie R.

“Love these wheels for each letter sound and love the consistency that I can use these wheels when introducing each letter sound. Students love to use clothespins to clip the sounds.” – Caitlin C.

“These are great for independent task for my students as well as small group! My students love using clothespins to find the words!” – Gabrielle W.