23 Alphabet Centers

Activities for ages 3 to 5.

Get ready to add a huge dose of fun to your alphabet centers! These 23 fun, motivating alphabet games teach kids critical skills including letter names, letter sounds, ABC sequencing, letter formation and uppercase-lowercase pairing.

Use them as literacy centers, small group activities, morning work or homeschool activities. There are so many possibilities!

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Peek Inside

The Alphabet Mega Pack includes 23 hands-on alphabet centers for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Grab a Matchbox car to practice writing letters on playful alphabet roads.

(You can even slide the cards into a Dollar Store photo album to keep the set together.)

Enjoy a couple rounds of “Little Mouse, Little Mouse” – an addictively fun letter name game. (My boys could seriously play it for hours!)

“Little Mouse, Little Mouse, are you in the Ff house?!”

Work on letter sounds with a batch of hands-on alphabet wheels.

Practice writing all 26 letters with our wildly popular handwriting activity sheets.

Practice writing all 26 letters with our wildly popular handwriting activity sheets.

Or put on your detective hats and hunt for hidden letters.

Sort letters into two groups: in my name and NOT in my name.

Pair upper and lowercase letters to solve alphabet puzzles…

Pull out your alphabet chart for a couple rounds of hide and seek.

Use your bingo daubers to dab alphabet bubbles.

And So. Much. More.

The alphabet mega pack is bursting with 23 playful, motivating ways to teach kids letter names, ABC order, and letter formation.

Grab Your Pack Now

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  1. Jennie

    We don’t have a color printer. Have any of you (after purchasing) tried having these printed off at say Staples, Walmart, or Walgreens? Not sure how I’d go about doing that. TIA

  2. CeAnne

    Is it possible to only purchase the handwriting worksheets, the ones that you give by signing up? They are great for my 8 year old with ADHD/Autism but it would be nice to have all the letters. She doesn’t really need the other items in the bundle. Thanks!

  3. PrinaryLearning

    This collection is really great! Wipe stripes are good for grab and go, practice in the restaurant, or while waiting for a doctor appointment.



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