Inflectional Ending Centers


Grab 12 inflectional ending centers in one easy download! The playful activity pack makes it fun to practice adding -ED, -ES, -ING and -S to words and includes tons of motivating options that are perfect for one-on-one instruction, small groups, literacy centers OR whole class lessons…

There’s even an irregular verb activity so you can introduce “rule breakers” too!



–> 4 Foldable Mini-Books (one each for -ED, -ES, -ING and -S)

–> 4 Verb Cover Ups (present tense -ING, present tense -S and -ES, past tense -ED and past tense irregular verbs)

–> Hide and Seek

–> Past Tense Puzzles

–> Word Family Puzzles

–> Smarty Pants

–> Roll, Read & Write

–> Rill and Write

–> Pig Pen

–> Outer Space Sort

–> Spin a Word Ending