Addition is the foundation of so many math skills kids learn along the way: fact families, multiplication, algebra… That’s why it is so important for children to memorize addition facts by heart.

This Fact Fluency Pack is filled with fun ways to practice adding 0 to 10. They’re great to use as no prep math centers and games. Grab your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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The activity pack makes it so easy to differentiate for a variety of learners. Have kids start on their 0+ facts and work their way up one page at a time or, for students who are ready for an extra challenge, give them larger problems like 7+ or 10+. Then have them work on the review pages to cover all of the facts at once.


Peek Inside

Kids will roll a die to form a math fact they need to solve (above).

They’ll challenge a partner to a game of Connect Four.


And they’ll spin an addition problem and graph the answer.

Fun fact family activities!

The 40 no prep sheets make it so easy to work on fact fluency!

Grab Your Set

Ready to play?! Download your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Then, check out our Place Value Cover Up to keep the math fun going!

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