Spring Pattern Cards

Activities for ages 3 to 6.

With the trees budding, garden lettuces sprouting and red-breasted robins returning, it is definitely spring time. What better way to celebrate the new season than with some colorful spring pattern cards?!

Spring Pattern Cards for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners!

The bugs and critters on these spring pattern cards are so stinkin’ cute! When my daughter saw them she was immediately drawn in.

Even my toddler son was intrigued by the wiggly worms and the cross-eyed snail. I can already tell these pattern cards are going to be well loved during our spring theme in preschool.

Getting Ready

To prep the spring pattern cards, I simply printed the cards (below) on heavy cardstock and then laminated them for easy reuse.

I printed a few copies of the answer squares found at the end of the printable so that my children could leave the answers on each card instead of having to move them over to solve the next pattern.

Spring Pattern Cards.22

Spring Pattern Cards Activity

My daughter is fairly good at patterns (or “pat-rer-rins”, as she calls them). She has always been fascinated by them – a little analyst in the making. When inviting her to try out the new pattern cards, I let her choose which ones she wanted to work on first.

Spring Pattern Cards.3

I included two pages each of AB, ABC, and AAB patterns. Six pages total made 30 unique patterns to solve in all.

My daughter enjoyed working through the spring pattern cards, commenting on how it is springtime outside, how she loved butterflies, and when do we get to plant those flowers we bought?

Before she realized it, she had worked her way through all 30 of the cards! Then she scrambled them up and did them again.

Get Your Spring Pattern Cards

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