Have you ever wondered whether your child’s smarts are signs of giftedness? The National Association for Gifted Children reports that more than 3 million children in the United States are in fact gifted – demonstrating an ability to reason or learn in the top 10% or rarer of children in their age group.

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25 signs of giftedness in kids! So helpful for parents and teachers.

Gifted children are able to learn rapidly and apply what they learn in one or more subjects.

These 25 signs of giftedness are compiled from several school district checklists in the United States. Gifted children demonstrate high abilities and talents but it is unlikely that they will demonstrate all of the skills below.

  1. Enjoys learning and finding answers to questions.
  2. Asks complex questions about a topic.
  3. Is able to learn new skills quickly.
  4. Has excellent reasoning ability.
  5.  Can easily draw connections between new information and old information.
  6. Is self directed and works independently without redirection.
  7. Has a high level of concentration.
  8. Demonstrates a long attention span.
  9. Is persistent in finding solutions to problems – doesn’t give up easily.
  10. Is an avid reader.
  11. Has an advanced vocabulary.
  12. Enjoys talking about what s/he is thinking when reading alone or with someone else.
  13. Can find several ways to solve problems.
  14. Recognizes patterns and relationships.
  15. Enjoys making guesses and hypotheses.
  16. Can easily find cause-and-effect relationships.
  17. Has an intense curiosity about the world.
  18. Makes judgements based on what is right and wrong.
  19. Tends to be a leader, giving directions clearly and effectively.
  20. Has a passionate interest or talent.
  21. Enjoys time alone – especially when engaged in the creative process.
  22. Is sought out by peers for advice and ideas.
  23. Is goal oriented.
  24. Is seen by peers as fair or caring.
  25. Shows immense talent athletically, artistically or musically.

25 Signs a Child is Gifted!

Advocating for Your Gifted Child

If your child fits many of the skills above, you may decide to complete a formal assessment with a private evaluator or school administrator. Evaluations vary from one district to the next.

Depending on the results of that evaluation, you can advocate for your child to ensure that she is challenged to meet her fullest potential. The National Association for Gifted Children offers a helpful list of myths and facts about gifted kiddos to get you started.

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