For most kids, learning how to count and write numbers takes lots and lots of practice. So why not make all of that hard work fun for kids with these number activity sheets?!

These free number activity sheets are a no prep, motivating way to practice the numbers 0 to 5. Grab your set (below) and then grab the rest of the number formation pack!

Getting Ready

Middle Brother has been eager to master numbers so I knew he’d love the activity sheets.

To prep, I simply grabbed a few supplies:

  • One activity sheet (download below)
  • A pencil
  • A highlighter or yellow marker or crayon
  • Crayons

That was it! We were ready to dive in.

Number Activity Sheets

Starting with the number zero, I gave Middle Brother (age 4) one page at a time. He read the number out loud and then we talked about each box on the paper.

Awesome FREE number activity sheets for the numbers 0 to 5!! These are perfect preschool math or kindergarten math activities!

He used a yellow crayon to trace the number, making sure to start at the top.

He counted zero stars (it was record-breakingly quick since there wasn’t anything in the box!), drew zero dots in the ten frame, used his pencil to trace the letters Z-E-R-O, colored zero craft sticks, drew zero robots and then traced the line of zeroes at the bottom of the page.

He thought it was pretty silly that most of the boxes were empty, but he quickly understood that zero means nada, nothing, zilch.

Over the next few days, we slowly worked our way through the numbers – I wanted the activity to feel more like play than work – but sheet by sheet, we tackled the numbers to five.

FREE Number Activity Sheet. Awesome preschool math or kindergarten math activity!!

Grab Your Number Activity Sheets

Ready to get your hands on the number activity sheets, too?! Click the blue button below to grab your set.

Then hop over and snag sheets for the numbers 5-30 too (including number formation rhymes!) HERE.

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  1. Is it possible to get sheets for numbers 6-25? I’m willing to buy them if they are available

  2. Hi I downloaded the number sheets! Thank you so much! I know my students are going to like them!

    1. Hope your students love it, Robin!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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