Pre-K Distance Learning Checklists

If your Pre-K is moving to distance learning because of the coronavirus, this pack is for you!

Rather than scrambling to pull together just-right activities for your students each week, I’m excited to give you a simple solution: a pack of 10 Pre-K distance learning checklists for you to send out to students each week.

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10 weekly checklists giving kids 10 simple (and fun!) ways to stay engaged and learning. The activities include math games, literacy practice and even simple science experiments!


1. Type a quick email to your students’ families each week inviting them to complete the activities on the checklist. Ask them to email you back on Friday to share what was their favorite in the bunch.

2. Make sure to attach the weekly checklist and then hit “send”.

3. On Friday, students’ families will send you a quick note sharing their highlight. The weekly check in is a great chance to connect with kids who may be feeling unsettled about the unexpected separation so I encourage you to take a couple of minutes to reply with a personal note.

4. If your school will be closed again the following week, repeat steps 1-3.

Grab Your Pack

Save time (and sanity!) pulling together perfect-fit activities for your Pre-Kinders.

Snag your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Get bigger, faster teaching results and cut your planning time in half!


  1. Mande-meria

    Do you have this in Afrikaans?

    • Ashley

      I apologize, but we only have it in English.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador


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