Since sight words are the most common words written, memorizing them helps kids increase their reading fluency in a jiffy. That’s why we love coming up with fun sight word games for kids! Whether you’re on the hunt for a playful Valentine’s Day literacy center, word work center or sight word game, this playful sight word activity is sure to be a hit.

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Getting Ready

Since I wanted Big Brother (age 6) to practice 20 words from his sight word list, I printed both sides of the printable front to back.

Then, I grabbed a white crayon and a marker. Any color marker will work, but I picked red this time around to step up the Valentine’s Day factor.

Fun and simple sight word game for kids! And it's a perfect Valentine's Day activity too.

Magic Heart Sight Word Activity

Completing the sight word activity was as quick and simple as they come.

Big Brother wrote his sight words in white crayon – giggling along the way because he thought it was SO funny that he couldn’t actually see them!

Then, he used the marker to color each heart. As he filled the hearts with red, he was thrilled to watch the color roll away from the waxy white crayon lines he’d written earlier, magically exposing his sight words.

For an added challenge, you can write in the sight words for the child and have them read it as they uncover it!

Fun sight word game for kids! Make the words magically appear when you color over the heart.

Grab Your Copy

Ready to play?! Click the blue button below to download your free copy of the heart word sheet and then scroll down to snag our Editable Sight Word Games for more fun!

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  1. Dear Malia, I want to thank you for this free heart words worksheet. My students love it for the fun it brings. They are delighted to reveal the word. I love it too for the writing practice, sight word repetition, and mostly because you’ve made the hearts large enough for my first graders to write their words inside.

    I’m writing because I’ve lost my master to this Heart Words activity, and when I clicked on the free download link the page isn’t found. Please, may I have a link to this activity? I appreciate you creating and sharing your work.

  2. Hi! I hit the download link and it says it has moved to a new address. This would be great for my centers! Please help 🙂

    1. Hi Melissa,
      The link is fixed and ready for you to download!
      Sarah // Playdough to Plato Team

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