Math Fact Memory Game

Activity for ages 4 to 6.

This free Math Fact Memory Game is a fun way to introduce addition and subtraction to preschoolers or kindergarteners! Just be prepared. Once they get a handle on these facts, they will be begging you to make harder cards. Grab your copy of our Math Fact Memory Game below.

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What a fun way to practice beginning addition and subtraction! Free math facts memory game for kids.

One of my favorite things in the world is sitting down and playing a game with my son. I love watching him learn through play and having that one on one time with him.

I recently made this awesome game of memory to work on some basic addition and subtraction skills. He was showing a real interest in math, and I felt the need to capitalize on it!

Getting Ready

The prep for this memory game could not be easier. If you have an older child this would be the perfect job for them!

Start by cutting out your math fact cards. Then select two different pieces of colored card-stock, and cut them into squares just a little bit larger than your math fact cards. I actually use my silhouette machine to cut out all of my squares. If I did not have a machine or a “helper” I would probably grab a square paper punch to make this go even faster.

Supply List

QUICK TIP: I glued all of the equation cards to orange card-stock and the answers to blue card-stock. It makes it a little bit easier for younger learners. However, if you want to make this game a bit more challenging, glue all of the cards to the same colored card-stock!

Completed Cards

That’s all you have to do! Once the glue dries (almost immediately) you are ready to start playing.

The game is just like a regular game of Memory except you have to complete the equations. I love playing Memory with children because it forces them to focus. Even when it is not their turn they are paying attention to the other players and what they are drawing. It is a great way to build patience and practicing turn taking.

Taking It A Little Further

I have written the addition equations two ways on each card ( 1+4 and 4+1) to teach kids about the commutative property: numbers can be added together in any order and will still have the same sum.

When my son flipped over his equation card, I said it aloud to him:

Me- “What does 5+1 equal?”

Greyson- “6”

Me- “Great! What does 1+5 equal?”

Greyson- “6”

Yes, I do this every time – at least until he knows them without having to count on his fingers. Sometimes he still pauses for a split second when I ask him the equation that begins with a “1” versus the larger number.

Grab Your Free Game

Download your free Math Fact Memory Game here and then hop over and check out our other addition and subtraction activities.

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  1. Tracie

    I am using the Memory (which the kids love). I just need clarification on the purpose of minus, addition and equal signs.

    • Ashley

      Hi Tracie,
      I believe the addition, minus, and equal signs can either be left out, or you can use them as traditional memory cards – looking for the match and then asking the student to identify what the symbol means.
      Hope that helps!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Mary

    do you sell your work on Teachers Pay Teachers?



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