100+ Classroom Supplies at the Dollar Tree

I admit it: I used to be a Dollar Tree skeptic. I couldn’t imagine that a store filled with things costing just one buck could possibly have anything worthwhile.

Boy was I wrong. The Dollar Tree is packed with awesome classroom supplies – scissors, flashcards, posters, dice… It even has a teacher supply aisle. No joke. Here are 100+ of my favorite classroom supplies at the Dollar Tree. {And be sure to check out the links to activities where I put them to good use.}

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100 Classroom Supplies You Can Get at the Dollar Tree

First up are school supplies – those must have items on every teacher’s wish list. The roundup includes everything from pencils and paper to cleaning products and Ziploc bags.

Dollar Tree School Supplies

    1. Sharpies
    2. Vis-a-Vis markers
    3. Dry erase markers
    4. Washable markers
    5. Pencils
    6. Pencil sharpeners
    7. Pens
    8. Erasers
    9. Crayons
    10. Colored pencils
    11. Stamps
    12. Stamp pads
    13. Highlighters
    14. Kids’ scissors
    15. Adult scissors
    16. Index cards
    17. Notepads
    18. Pocket folders
    19. Loose leaf lined paper
    20. Construction paper
    21. Blank white paper
    22. Journal notebooks
    23. Post-it notes
    24. Dictionaries
    25. Thesaurauses
    26. 3-ring binders
    27. Posterboards
    28. Foamboards
    29. Tri-fold display boards
    30. Hall passes
    31. Bulletin board borders
    32. Die cut letters
    33. Die cut shapes
    35. Tape
    36. Tape dispensers
    37. Rulers
    38. Binder clips
    39. Paper clips
    40. Staplers
    41. Staples
    42. Hole punchers
    43. White Out
    44. Push pins
    45. Thumb tacks
    46. Rubber bands
    47. White glue
    48. Award certificates
    49. Hand soaps
    50. Hand sanitizers
    51. Storage containers
    52. Bandaids
    53. Kleenex
    54. Paper towels
    55. Ziploc bags
    56. Disinfecting Wipes
      Dollar Tree Station Supplies
    57. Magnetic writing boards
    58. Dry erase boards
    59. Chalkboards
    60. Spinners
    61. Dice
    62. Flashcards
    63. Bingo dabbers
    64. Photo albums
    65. Magnetic alphabet letters
    66. Glass beads
    67. Mini cars
    68. Sight word dice
    69. Magnets
    70. Puzzles
    71. Magnifying glasses
    72. Clipboards
    73. Calculators
    74. Spatulas
    75. Clothespins
    76. Paper plates
    77. Plastic cups
    78. Spray bottles
    79. Chocolate chips
    80. Flour
    81. Dress up costumes
    82. DominoesArts and Crafts - Classroom Supplies
    83. Colored popsicle sticks
    84. Plain popsicle sticks
    85. Pom poms
    86. Glitter paint
    87. Glitter tubes
    88. Watercolor paint
    89. Oil paint
    90. Acrylic paint
    91. Paintbrushes
    92. Pipe cleaners
    93. Googly eyes
    94. Felt
    95. Foam sheets
    96. Foam stickers
    97. Stringing beads
    98. Wooden shapes
    99. Stickers
    100. Tissue paper
    101. Paper bags
    102. Balloons

That’s 100+ AWESOME Dollar Tree classroom supplies in all. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?!

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  1. Clarissa H

    Oh how I love Dollar Tree! They have a great selection of seasonal merchandise too that we like to use in themed activities 🙂


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