Dice games are a quick, screen free way to entertain kids when you’re at home or on the go. These four must-try dice games are my family’s favorites. They’re easy to learn, fun to play, and {as a HUGE bonus} teach kids important math skills too. Gotta’ love that!

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4 Free Dice Games

Getting Ready

The prep for these dice games is as simple as it comes. I printed the direction sheet {HERE} on cardstock for extra durability and cut apart the cards. {If you’ll be using them in a classroom, you may want to laminate them to make the cards even sturdier.}

Then I grabbed two dice from our game closet and invited my boys to join me. Quick and easy.

Dice Games

Big Brother {age 5.5} picked out the first game from our card stack: Roll to Six. It’s a great one for preschoolers because it works on counting and 123 sequencing.

Roll to Six Dice Game

The goal of the game is to roll the numbers 1 to 6. But the catch is that you have to roll a 1 before you can roll for the 2, and so on.

Middle Brother {age 3.5} rolled a one first but Big Brother was just seconds behind. They excitedly raced to be the first to land on all six numbers in 123 order.

Playing one dice game after another, the boys eagerly practiced counting, comparing, adding and more.

Big Roller Dice Game for Kids

When they were through, I placed the dice in an empty baby food jar to keep them contained and slid them into a Ziploc bag with the cards. The jar makes the set an awesome busy bag to bring out in restaurants, doctor’s offices… you name it! No more worries about flying dice.

Fun Dice Games for Kids

The low prep, engaging dice games were a huge hit in our house. I hope your kids love them too!

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