Valentine Sight Word Sort


This Valentine sight word sort is the perfect addition to your February literacy centers and word work time!

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Getting Ready

To prep this activity, I printed each page on cardstock.

Then, I used a paper cutter to quickly cut along the black lines.

To make the pieces extra durable for use year after year, I laminate the pieces after cutting them out.

Valentine Sight Word Sort

First, we put the pieces that say “Correct” and “Incorrect” near the top of the table. I reminded the kids that correct means something is right, and incorrect means something is wrong.

Once the kiddos understood the headings, I gave them the word cards.

I showed them the numbers in the top right corner of the cards and explained that there were two cards for each word: one of the words was spelled correctly and one of the words was spelled incorrectly.

Their challenge was to figure out where each sight word sort card belonged.

We did one example together before I set the kids loose.

I had the students find the two cards with the number 1 in the corner.

The kids looked at the words on each card and determined which word was spelled correctly.

They read “the” and placed the card that was spelled correctly under the “Correct” heading. Then they placed the “tha” card that was spelled incorrectly under the “Incorrect” heading.

After doing an example together, the students went through the rest of the cards, read the words, and placed them under the correct column.

Sight Word Sort Extension Ideas

If students are just starting to learn these sight words, you may decide to give them one or two sets of words at a time.

If students have been practicing these words for awhile, give them all eight sets and ask them to sort them as fast as they can. Students will love trying to beat their previous times!

Grab Your Set

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