If you’re on the hunt for motivating vowel team activities your students will actually ASK to repeat, this mega pack is a must-grab! All 14 centers and 9 memorable posters make it fun to practice nine of the most common vowel teams: -AI, -AY, -EA, -EE, -IE, -OA, -OE, -UE, and -UI. You can easily focus on one vowel team or review them all at once!

Grab your vowel team mega pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Then, check out our Emergent Readers Bundle in our shop for more reading fun!

Introducing Vowel Teams

Silly rhymes can be an incredibly helpful way to teach kids important reading rules and this one’s pretty brilliant:

“When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.”

Optional add-on: “The second one goes out for tea.”

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To help those visual learners who remember things best when they see it, I love using these posters to help the concept really stick.

(There’s one for each of the nine vowel teams included in the set: -AI, -AY, -EA, -EE, -IE, -OA, -OE, -UE, and -UI.)

Vowel Team Centers

After we’ve talked about the sound vowel teams make, it’s time to practice with some motivating centers!

The mega pack gives you plenty of options so you can focus on one vowel team at a time or practice them all at once.

You can have students play a batch of board games like this “Fireman Dash” that works on -UE and -EE words…

Clip missing vowel team with a clothespin…

(There are 24 different cards.)

Have kids roll a die, read the word that lands on top and write it in the matching column…

(There’s one version for all 9 vowel teams!)

Students can even play several motivating rounds of Bingo with their classmates!

(The pack includes 26 Bingo boards so you can play with your entire class at the same time.)

This vowel team mega pack includes 14 motivating centers and 9 posters your students will LOVE.

And the best part is that you just have to hit “print”!

Download Your Pack

Grab your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!  And don’t forget to snag our Emergent Readers Bundle in our shop for your beginning readers!

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