Helping kids notice differences between short vowel sounds can be tricky but, thankfully, these ten short vowel emergent readers are a huge help!  The ten emergent reader books are a motivating and easy prep way to help kids build critical pre-reading skills.

Each set even includes pocket chart cards and follow up practice sheets so you can easily review and stretch students’ learning.  Ready to read?! Grab your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Then, for more reading fun, check out our Emergent Readers Bundle in our shop for access to tons of readers!

Short Vowel Emergent Readers

Why Are Emergent Reader Books So Effective?

When children are in the very beginning stages of reading, they need to learn the basics. For instance:

  • Letters are clumped together to make words
  • Spaces are placed in between words to separate them
  • Start reading on the left side of the page and move right
  • Use picture clues to figure out unknown words
  • Look for repetitive text…

The list goes on and on.

Emergent reader books purposefully keep things very simple so that students can practice all these skills without getting overwhelmed.

The books have just a few words on each page, the text repeats itself and the pictures closely match the words.

Short Vowel Emergent Readers

Motivating Kids to Practice

Because emergent reader books keep things SO simple, it can be a challenge to make them motivating.

But this set of short vowel emergent readers changes all of that by using high interest, timely and kid-friendly topics to build a strong foundation of reading skills.

Peek Inside

The emergent reader pack includes ten short vowel book sets:

–> This is Pat (-AT words)

–> When I Ran (-AN words)

–> Do You See It? (-ET words)

–> My Friend Ben (-EN words)

–> My Smart Pig (-IG, -IP and -IN words)

–> Shopping Trip (-IG and -IN words)

–> The Friendly Fox (-OG, -OP, -OB and -OX words)

–> Your Bored Friend (-OB, -OP and -OG words)

–> Big Kids (-UT, -UN, -UG, -UM, -UB words)

–> The Busy Bug (-UG and -UB words)

Each book comes in both color and black and white in case you’d like to save ink.

Short Vowel Emergent Readers

As students read, they’ll practice all five vowels PLUS the common sight words “this, is, look, there, a, do, you, see, the, like, my, and, I, can, we, need, is, with, she, could, went, to.”

The playful reading pointers are a simple, fun way to help them remember to point underneath each word as they read.

Short Vowel Emergent Readers

Print off the pocket chart cards so you can work on reading the text as a whole class or during your read around the room center.

Short Vowel Emergent Readers

For children who are ready for a stretch, print the follow up practice pages to use as guided reading activities, morning work, a literacy center or homework.

Short Vowel Emergent Readers

Grab Your Set

Tackle short vowel CVC words once and for all! Hop over to download your bundle in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

And don’t forget to check out more readers with our Emergent Readers Bundle!  

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