45 Motivating Magic E Centers

Activities for ages 6 to 8.

Ready to tackle those tricky CVCe words?! These magic E centers are so much fun that kids will actually ASK to repeat them.

And to make it easy for you to differentiate, the bundle includes centers focusing on just one long vowel at a time (long A words, for instance) PLUS activities combining multiple vowels at once so you can stretch students who are ready for more challenge.

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This mega bundle includes 45 Magic E centers:

–> 11 long A centers including clip cards, board games, pocket chart hide and seek and puzzles

–> 11 long I centers including color by word family sheets, roll and graph games and board games

–> 8 long O centers including say and spell cards, puzzles, a flip and write game and board games

–> 9 long U centers including I spy, pocket chart hide and seek and board games

–> Motivating games and sorts combining multiple vowels at once

–> And colorful posters highlighting common words with each vowel

You can have students practice one word family at a time like this motivating -IPE game…

Or stretch them a little further by working on multiple word families belonging to the same vowel!

In this flip and write game, students practice reading and spelling a variety of long U magic E words like DUNE and CUTE.

And when kids are ready to push one step further, print-and-play centers focusing on several vowels at once like this laundry sort…

And these word family mats!

This mega pack of magic E centers is bursting with fun!

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Ready to play?! Grab your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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