It’s always fun to change learning activities with the season and Hot Cocoa Addition is a perfect way to warm up this winter. Practice adding sums within 10 with a motivating, simple matching addition game. For an extra bit of fun, drink some real hot cocoa while you play!

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Getting Ready

This game is very easy to prepare. I simply printed out the hot cocoa mugs and marshmallow cards (below), laminated them for sturdiness and cut them out.

Now we were ready to jump in and solve some equations!

hot chocolate addition game example

Playing the Hot Cocoa Addition Game

To play this addition game, I stacked up the hot cocoa mugs with the equations face down and spread out the marshmallows with the answers.

We took turns picking a hot cocoa mug, solving the problem and pairing it up with its matching marshmallow! We kept going until all of the mugs and marshmallows had been matched up.

I introduced this game in small groups, and will add it to our math centers as well once my students are familiar with how to play.

hot chocolate addition game with pom poms

You can also differentiate this game for your learners by deciding how much support they need with solving the equations. You could play as is, provide a number line or use manipulatives to aid in the process of addition.

You can see we used white pom poms as “marshmallows” to help us solve the problems when needed. Cotton balls, themed erasers and buttons would work well too.  If you feel your children could use the extra support, any manipulatives will do!

Ready to Play?

Ready to have fun solving addition problems?!

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