Counting and comparing numbers is an important math skill for preschoolers and kindergarteners because it helps our youngest learners build strong number sense. Kids will love comparing ornaments in this hands-on (and addictively fun!) math game.

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Getting Ready

To get ready for comparing numbers, I first printed the Ornament Comparing activity (found at the end of this post) on white cardstock for durability.

The download includes four different variations of the activity (numbers 1-10, numbers 1-5, ten frames 1-10, and ten frames 1-5).  These different variations allow for differentiation in order to best meet the needs of students.

I grabbed a pencil and paper clips for the spinners and used pom-poms from the Dollar Tree as the ornaments.  With all of the supplies ready, it was time to compare numbers!


Ornament Comparing Numbers Activity

To play, kids first put the point of their pencil on the center of the number spinner, inside the paper clip.  They flicked the clip with their fingers to make it spin.  They repeated this process to spin the greater than/less than/equal spinner.

Students then put a greater, less, or equal number of ornaments on the tree than the number they spun.  In the picture shown below, when the number four was spun along with “greater than”, five ornaments were put on the tree.

I like to hold my students accountable for their math by having them say, “Five is greater than four.”  slide4

This activity is great for independent work, partner work, or for students to complete at a math station.  I also like to use it with my small math groups as we compare numbers together.   slide3

Grab Your Download

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