Candy Cane Patterns

Activity for ages 4 to 7.

My 5 year old, A, loves anything related to Christmas so these low-prep candy cane patterns had her giggling all the way to the tree.  Not only was A practicing early math skills like color sorting and patterns, but she was strengthening her fine motor skills too. {This makes a perfect holiday busy bag too!}

Festive pattern practice and ornament making in one!!

Getting Ready

To prep for making patterns, I grabbed my daughters bead box and a handful of pipe cleaners.  I cut the pipe cleaners into 6 inch pieces and curved them to look like a candy canes.  I got 3 containers and handed them to A and asked her to sort through her bead box to fill the containers with red, white, and pink pony beads.

While she was sorting, I began adding some beads to the candy canes.  The first pattern was a simple AB pattern {red, white, red, white}, but A found that way too easy for and asked for “tricky” patterns. I handed her a candy cane with an AABB {pink, pink, red, red, pink, pink, red, red}.


Next, I gave her a candy cane with an ABC pattern and then an ABAC.  A thought it was hilarious that I couldn’t stump her so I handed her the empty candy canes and let her come up with patterns of her own.


Once she had made half a dozen candy canes, I twisted the end of the pipe cleaner over the last bead and A ran to decorate the tree.

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    lovely innovative ideas. thanks for sharing


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