I have some first grade students who LOVE to write and others who are a little more reluctant.  But this Make Your Own I Spy Book put such a fun spin on writing that all of my students couldn’t wait to start working on it!

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Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I printed out a book cover for each of my students on neon Astrobrights paper to add a motivating pop of color.

Then, I printed out the I Spy pages front to back, folded the pages in half, and made a big stack of them on my writing table.

Free I Spy Book. Fun writing activity for kids!-2

I Spy Book

I started out this lesson by pulling out an actual I Spy book so that we could play a quick round of I Spy.

Focusing on a blue marble that was shown on one of the pages, I gave kids clues about the object I was thinking of:

“I spy with my little eye something blue.”

“I spy with my little eye something that rolls.”

Students’ hands shot into the air. They were eager to call out their answer.

I waited a few more seconds for other children in class to spot the marble and then invited the kids to whisper their guesses to their neighbor.

Next, I explained that we were going to take the same idea and each make our own I Spy book.  They were excited to say the least!

I showed them my sample book and had them guess the things around the classroom that I had picked!

Free I Spy Book. Fun writing activity for kids!

I said, “I spy with my little eye something that is shiny and makes noise”.  A few students shared their guesses and then one of my kids picked the right object: the teacher bell that I ring when we transition to new activities.

I explained how the pages would be inserted into the books so that our readers would have to flip the page to discover the answer.  

I showed them how to fold the pages in half and then put them into the cover page with the folds facing out. Then, I stapled along the cover’s edge.  I told my kiddos that I would be more than happy to help anyone staple their books together when they were ready.

Finally, I sent them off to create their books!  I loved seeing their creativity flourish and I was impressed with many of the adjectives they used.  It’s amazing what something new and exciting can do for a student’s writing!

Grab Your Copy

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  1. Hi! The I Spy Book for writing is a great idea! Could you make one with a girl on the cover-my girls would like that:)

    1. Hello Tammy,
      I have emailed you some information.

  2. Awesome… I was totally confused on how to improve vocabulary and writing skills , while keeping things simple and interesting… Just loved your inputs.

    1. Hello Ruchi,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! We are here because of folks like you.
      Stay inspired!

    1. Hello Veronica,
      I am happy to help and have emailed you.
      Have a wonderful day!

  3. I am having trouble opening the make your own i spy book. It looks super cute! Any suggestions?

    1. Hello Mary,
      I am so sorry you are having troubles. I am happy to help and have emailed you.
      Kimberleigh // Happiness Ambassador

  4. Hello Erica,

    I am having a difficult time trying to download the “My I Spy Book”. I was hoping to use it for a literacy station.

  5. Hi there, I am also unable to download the I Spy book if you could please e-mail it to me when you get the chance! Thank you so much

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