Writing Center Starter Kit


This starter kit gives you everything you need for your kindergarten or first grade writing center! Whether you’re setting up a station as a separate space in your classroom or making go-to writing folders each student can keep in her desk and pull out during writing time, this starter kit has you covered.
It even has EDITABLE sheets including word lists you can customize with classmates’ names or holiday words AND writing rubrics you can use to assess students’ progress.
–> Colorful writing center bunting to hang in a station
–> 31 alphabet posters to hang on the wall (including long and short vowel sounds)
–> Alphabet charts for students’ writing folders
–> Blends and digraphs chart
–> Writing rules checklist
–> 17 themed word lists with helpful pictures (includes UK version)
–> Sight word lists sorted by phonics skill
–> Writing journal covers
–> Primary lined paper
–> Primary lined paper with EDITABLE rubric
–> Lined paper
–> Lined paper with EDITABLE rubric
–> 3 posters (alphabet chart, how to sound out words and writing rules checklist)
You’ll have everything you need in one easy download!


“At the beginning of the year I get my students to make their own writing folders. This has helped them to use the resource on a constant basis. I also made some and included them into my writing centre.” – Lisa E.

“This really helped me so much as a first-year teacher.” – Kaitlyn J.

“Word lists are fantastic for my first graders to help with common writing topics!” – Drew B.

“This kit is a great start to the writing centre. I like the portable word wall pages. The recording sheets are helpful in keeping assessments, current teaching points and goals together.” – Roxanne D.

“Thank you for the amazing resource filled with differentiation! ” – Marcie O.

“This is an amazing resource. I especially like the writing paper with the editable rubrics. Thank you!” – Cindy O.