Snowman Addition Puzzles

Activity for ages 5 to 7.

With winter in the air, we are prepping some fun activities with a seasonal twist, and snowmen are always at the top of our list!

Our snowman button counting puzzles were such a hit for counting practice, that I was excited to add in these snowman addition puzzles for an extra challenge. They are perfect for kindergarten or first grade students working on beginning addition to ten!

Getting Ready

These 18 different puzzles are super simple to prep.

I first printed them on cardstock (you don’t have to, but it keeps them extra sturdy) and then laminated them so that I could reuse them from year to year.

After they were laminated, I cut them apart on the solid black lines so that I had 18 snowmen with equations and 18 hats with numerals for answers.

I placed them in a basket for a math center and small group work and then, when snowmen aren’t in season anymore, I’ll simply store them in a Ziploc bag until next year!

Snowman Addition Puzzles

Before I add a new activity to a math center for independent play, I typically introduce it in small groups first so that I can make sure students understand the concept before working on their own.

I invited a group of students who were ready to tackle addition to give the puzzles a try first.

We decided to play with all of the pieces at once but you could easily differentiate this activity by selecting specific equations, or not using all 18 matches, depending on what your students are ready for.

We spread out all of the hats on the table so that we could clearly see the numbers, and then we took turns pulling a snowman from the basket and reading the equation. “5+4…..9!” 

It was a great opportunity to practice different addition strategies together, such as counting on, doubles, using a number line, etc.

Once we solved the equation, we matched up each snowman to its hat.

We kept playing until all of the puzzle pieces had been put together.

Grab Your Download

Ready to add some addition fun to your winter math centers? Grab your copy of the snowman addition puzzles by clicking the button below and then hop over and snag our Snowman Counting Puzzles and Pattern Block Mats too!

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  1. Mari Berglöf

    I Cant find the addition version.

    • Ashley

      Hi Mari,
      You can access the Snowman Addition Puzzles by click on the blue Download Here button at the bottom of the post.
      Let me know if I can be of any further help.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador



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