Getting ready for a community helper theme?! These playful alphabet dabber sheets are a must-try.

Just grab your box of daubers, print off the pages and you’re ready to work on the ABCs. They’re a perfect complement to our super popular Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack!

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Getting Ready

To prep, I simply grabbed our box of bingo daubers (available on Amazon here) and printed off the four community helper-themed dabbing sheets:

  • D is for doctor
  • F is for fireman
  • M is for mailman
  • P is for policeman

Community Helper Alphabet Dabbing

Completing the dabbing sheets was just as straightforward as the prep. Middle Brother (age 5) grabbed the first page and named the letter at the top: F.

I asked him what sound F made and then we worked together to brainstorm words that started with it. It’s probably no surprise that “fireman” was the first thing on our list.

After a minute or two, I had him trace the big and little F in the title of his paper with his finger – being sure to start at the top of the letter and follow the line down.

Then, he grabbed a bingo dauber and started marking all of the upper and lowercase letters on the sheet.


When he was finished, we grabbed the next page in his stack: P is for Policeman!  We kept going until all of the community helper sheets were completed.


Grab Your Pack

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  1. Hi there,
    Just prepping for tomorrow with kids at home and came across this post – Community Helpers – Dabbing Sheets. Just a note to say you might want to edit your sheets: as a family with extended family and friends who are female police officers and firefighters, having “policeman” and “fireman” are excluding a good chunk of the people who serve on these forces. Love lots of things I’ve seen here, thanks!

    1. Hi MJ,
      Thank you so much for pointing that out. This was created years ago and she was just going off the clip art.
      Our apologies. The file has been updated and you can download the new version now.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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