Community Helper Dab Sheets

Oct 20, 2016

Activity for ages 3 to 5.

Getting ready for a community helper theme?! These playful alphabet dabber sheets are a must-try. Just grab your box of daubers, print off the pages and you’re ready to work on the ABCs. They’re a perfect compliment to our super popular Handwriting Activity Sheets!

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Getting Ready

To prep, I simply grabbed our box of bingo daubers (available on Amazon here) and printed off the four community helper-themed dabbing sheets:

  • D is for doctor
  • F is for fireman
  • M is for mailman
  • P is for policeman

Alphabet Dabbing

Completing the dabbing sheets was just as straightforward as the prep. Middle Brother (age 5) grabbed the first page and named the letter at the top: F.

I asked him what sound F made and then we worked together to brainstorm words that started with it. It’s probably no surprise that “fireman” was the first thing on our list.

After a minute or two, I had him trace the big and little F in the title of his paper with his finger – being sure to start at the top of the letter and follow the line down.

Then he grabbed a bingo dauber and started marking all of the upper and lowercase letters on the sheet.


When he was finished, we grabbed the next page in his stack: P is for Policeman!


Grab Your Pack

Click the blue download button below to snag your free dabbing sheets and then scroll down to find 14 more community helper-themed activities you’ll love (including these free pattern block mats)!



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