I love activities that put a seasonal twist on learning important concepts, and these snowman button counting puzzles do just that! They are a great math center or hands-on learning activity for preschool or kindergarteners this winter.

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Getting Ready

I always print clip cards and puzzles on cardstock so that we can reuse them each year without needing to reprint. They hold up well in the classroom – they need extra durability when little hands are at play!

After laminating the cards (below), I cut along the black lines to separate the numbered snowmen from their buttons and made two piles of puzzles pieces: one of snowmen and one of buttons.


Snowman Button Counting Puzzles

Now that it was set up, we were ready to play! This was a great opportunity for my small group to work on number order as well as number recognition, counting and subitizing (recognizing sets or quantities instantly without counting).

Before counting buttons and matching them to their snowmen, we first lined up the snowmen on the table from 1 to 10. Then, we took turns picking a button card and counting the buttons, pointing to each button as we said the numbers to work on our one-to-one correspondence.

“1, 2, 3 –  3 buttons, so these buttons belong to the number 3 snowman!” Once we counted a set, we paired them up with their owner – the snowman with the matching numeral.

We kept playing and pairing up buttons to snowmen until each puzzle piece had a match.

You could also make these counting puzzles self-correcting for kids to play on their own by writing the numeral in small print on the back of the button cards. Then students could then check their answer after they pair them up.


Grab Your Download

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